# Quick start

There are 3 options to start using Plubo:

# 1. Using Plubo as a Github template

If you intend to use GitHub for your project, your best option is to create a new repo using Plubo as a template, just clicking the Use this template button in the repo.

Use Template (opens new window)


When using Plubo as a template, a GitHub Action will be executed right after the repo creation, modifying the filenames and classes to match your new project name.

The pipeline files will be autoremoved after.

# 2. Install with composer

composer create-project joanrodas/plubo <PROJECT_NAME>

After creating the project, use the command php plubo add to add Alpine.js, React and/or environment variables to your project.

# 3. Clone or download the repo manually

You can clone the project repo or download the code manually, although it's not the recommended approach.

Last Updated: 4/18/2022, 5:55:25 PM